• Kale rinsed and chopped and lightly steamed. I like to steam for just a minute or two. This kale has such tender stems; I do not recommend removing them. Extra Fiber!
  • Garlic 3+ cloves depending on your preference
  • Fresh ginger- Chopped and equal to the amount of garlic you have
  • Toasted sesame oil 3 tbls
  • Sesame Seeds raw or toasted in the oven or in a hot pan without oil- a few tbls depending on your preference
  • Soy sauce, Braggs (liquid amino acids very similar to soy sauce and much lower in sodium) or tamari 4 tbls


Mix the garlic, ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce together in a marinade. Let it sit for 15 minutes plus. Toss the marinade over the kale and sprinkle sesame seeds over everything. You can eat it warm or cold. I like this as a cold salad.