Welcome to Wozupi. Food from the past. Harvested for the future.

Wozupi is an organic farm committed to growing food in a way that nourishes the earth, the community, and people’s minds and bodies. Using environmentally-sustainable and fair labor practices, we grow vegetables, herbs and fruit, produce eggs, honey, and maple syrup, and provide educational, therapeutic, and fun opportunities at the farm and through community outreach. Our produce and eggs are USDA certified organic.

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Farmers Market Wozupi

Wozupi Farmers Market

Local Harvest. Farm Fresh.

An ever-changing array of vegetables, fruit, maple syrup, honey, and eggs all summer long!

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wozupi tribal gardens custom plug plant transplant

Custom Plug Transplant Program

With our custom plug transplant program, you choose the plants and we do the growing.

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