Sautéed Asian Greens


  • *Coconut oil-Or any preferred cooking oil
  • Vitamin green leaves/bok choi leaves/ beet greens washed and dried. (Use a solo green or in combination with other greens).
  • Red or yellow bell peppers, sliced
  • Shallots, sliced or chopped
  • Garlic, minced
  • Fresh Lemon slices or wedges
  • Coarse salt or sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper, to taste


* Coconut Oil is fatty oil or semisolid fat extracted from fresh coconut meat. It will have a fresh, clean coconut smell and taste and should be colorless. Throughout the world coconut oil is used for cooking, beauty, and healing purposes. It is solid at room temperature. You may use any cooking oils (of your choice) in this recipe, if desired.

Pick enough of the Vitamin greens and/or Bok Choi greens to feed the amount of people you are going to serve (commonly 1 bunch for a side for 4 people)
Separate, wash, and dry leaves (keeping the stems on). Add coconut oil to a medium-hot large frying pan and sauté the red bell peppers and shallots. Add fresh minced garlic to your taste. Sauté until the garlic releases its lovely odor. Turn heat to medium low, toss in the prepared greens, stir, place lid on the pan; cook just until the greens have turned a brilliant green, approximately 3 to 5 minutes, and have softened and just begun to wilt. If needed, add a little water or chicken stock so nothing sticks to the pan.
Add fresh