Matt Smaus

Agricultural Lead

From garden planning in the winter to the break-neck pace of the growing season, Matt Smaus is responsible for producing the finest vegetables he can and getting them to you in tip-top shape. His love for the natural world started during childhood in his dad’s abundant Los Angeles garden, and on hikes in the sagebrush chaparral of California’s coastal ranges. His love for farming took root during his “traveling twenties,” when he was impressed with the capabilities, knowledge, and grit of small farmers around the world.  “I love the rhythms and flows of farming,” he said. “It is both an art and a science, and I am especially thrilled by the sophisticated ways in which ancient wisdom and modern innovation braid together in the practice of organic agriculture.” He is married and has a toddler that follows him around in the garden, pulling up plants.


Andy Grotberg

Andy Grotberg

Season Extension Specialist

Andy joined the Wozupi Tribal Gardens team in November of 2015. He has more than two decades of experience in medicinal herbs and vegetable production, and immediately put it to good use. Within a few months, he added heated mats, automatic watering, a pinpoint seeder, and a temperature-controlled germination chamber. Wozupi can now grow herbs and some crops year-round, and can more efficiently plant, sprout and water in the greenhouse. Over the next few years, he will build several more high tunnels, increasing production overall. And he’s just getting started. 

Philip Honzay

Orchard Supervisor

As orchard supervisor, Philip Honzay’s work not only affects the current farming season, but seasons down the road. He’s tasked with keeping plants, disease, and pests under control throughout the year to produce the best fruits possible. This work requires a balanced approach, where he must address both immediate and long-term needs to build a more sustainable orchard. With an M.S. in Natural Resources and experience in landscape and organic vegetable gardening, Honzay is uniquely qualified for the job. His hobbies outside of work reflect his love for the environment—he enjoys beekeeping, plant propagation, gardening, fishing, and hunting.