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TSA Box 10: When It Rains, It Keeps Pouring

Andy, Osiris, Rachel, Angela, Liana, Matt, Hana, and three half-pint volunteers help with the onion harvest.

Well, the big news since last week’s newsletter is more rain! Yep. We pretty much can’t drive and can hardly walk in our fields right now. The fields are a wet sponge sitting in a puddle, and as water evaporates from the edges of the sponge, the puddle keeps it saturated. Then, it rains again,… Read More

Wozupi Bustling with Cranes, TSA, and New Chicks (!)

Wozupi Tribal Gardens organic farm prior lake minnesota

Two Sandhill cranes fly over Wozupi Tribal Gardens. We’ve seen them around all season. Elijah Yoshino, 2, helps mom, Wozupi Director Rebecca Yoshino, with fennel planting. Rebecca wanted to emphasize: “Yes, he has shorts on!” Wozupi Director Rebecca Yoshino’s daughter and son, Hazel and Elijah, enjoy the 4×4 on a long Saturday haul to get… Read More