Gardening in Winter is Snow Joke

Garden Shed in the Snow

Regardless of the blustery weather and often below-zero temps, we are still able to grow crops during winter thanks to season-extension tools. Many types of produce are weather-sensitive and, if given the choice, would prefer to grow in frost-free weather. In Minnesota, however, that’s not always an option. Thankfully, there are all kinds of methods… Read More

The Importance of Cover Cropping

cover crop

The Importance of Cover Cropping At Wozupi, we strive to grow sustainably and organically. Our success in these areas comes from our ability to recognize and undertake different strategies that can help an organic farm flourish. As we near another Minnesota winter, we do our best to maintain and improve our soil through cover crops…. Read More

TSA Box 20: Another Successful Season

Well folks, we’ve successfully made it through our first-ever 20-box TSA, and it still feels like we could keep going! The high tunnels make it easy for us to start the season—producing some of our core summer vegetables early, like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. The tunnels then fill up with lettuce and spinach as the… Read More

Fall in Love with Veggies—and Your Health!

Fall in Love with Veggies

Fall is nature’s way of reminding us that seasons come and go, but that doesn’t mean your health has to fluctuate, too. And although the weather is getting cooler, produce choices are heating up. Fall veggies are a great way to incorporate natural, immune-boosting benefits in your diet—and keep the pesky cold season at bay…. Read More