The Benefits of Beekeeping


As you may already know, we keep bees at Wozupi Tribal Gardens. These honeybees gather pollen and nectar from the SMSC’s many floral resources, and, in turn, pollinate the produce that we grow at the farm. We keep the bees for environmental reasons—but they also help us grow healthy plants! In the past, we’ve collected,… Read More

Back to Our Roots

prairie turnip

Exciting new changes at the farm prompted a decision to take a step back and remember why we do what we do here at Wozupi Tribal Gardens. This growing season is dedicated to taking it back to our roots and focusing on growing culturally significant food and providing quality, healthy nutrition for the Community. What… Read More

5 Tips for a High-Yield Vegetable Garden

gardening tips vegetable garden

Spring is here! Temperatures are rising, birds are singing, and the earth is waking up from its long winter slumber—springtime has finally arrived! For those of us that love to farm or garden, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get our hands dirty with some good, old-fashioned springtime planting. Whether you have a… Read More

The Importance of Organic

organic fruits and vegetables important

Why organic? Next time you visit the supermarket, think about the products you are buying! Where was it grown? What’s in it? Does it have natural ingredients and the right nutrients? Although there are many great reasons to eat organically, two of them stick out more than the rest when weighing our food options: the… Read More